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Cobra offers a unique service to all our clients. We provide you with first rate security training. Our team of experts boast a wealth of experience and their backgrounds include Police Special Branch, Military and security to the Royal Family. Together they provide you with over 150 years of experience.





About Us

Our team come from varied backgrounds such as Former Police Special Branch and Military. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge which will help you become the best in the security industry.

Ian - Chief Instructor 

A 30 year former Police Special Branch Officer with now over 15 years Security Private Security Industry Experience. A specialist in Close Protection, Anti-Terrorism, and Firearms whose role included the protection of the Royal Family including The Queen Mother, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and also leading Politicians and foreign visiting diplomats. Ian continues his service in the industry as an advisor to many high profile companies and embassies.

John - Centre Manager

A Former Armed Forces soldier who has served in Afghanistan and Iraq, both as a serving soldier and as a Private Industry Close Protection Officer. An outstanding trainer and assessor who is also still Operational both in Executive and Hostile CP work. 

Shae - CP / HE Instructor

A Former Special Forces and Parachute Regiment Soldier, and one of the leading close protection operatives in the country, specialising in executive celebrity protection. Shae is also one of Cobra close quarter combat instructors, after having a successful semi professional career as a MMA fighter but also as the World Former Bare Knuckle Boxing champion.

Chris - Advanced Driving Instructor

A Former Police, Royal and diplomatic protection driver of 20 years. Chris is still retained by the College of Policing as an instructor for both vehicle training and surveillance.

Mark - Combat Instructor

A former British Army soldier, Mark now specialises in Martial arts, specifically the Israeli self defence "Krav Maga". Mark focuses on ensuring students are put through their paces in a intensive course combining vital techniques needed by any close protection officers and scenario based training.

Paul - Instructor

A Former HM Forces for 23 years. Paul is our expert on all things security from CCTV, Door supervision and Dog handling all the way up to Close protection and surveillance, with over 35 years in the industry. 

Jay - Instructor

Jay is a qualified teacher, who left to join the prison service. He is a specialist in surveillance and search techniques. He is active as a close protection officer in the UK and abroad with high level clients 

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