Close Protection London

Stratford, East London

Our London course is located in Stratford, London with amazing travel links into Central and Greater London and the Home Counties  

The course location, coupled with the vast experience of our instructors will ensure that learners will receive the best level of training in the City that is the main Hub for the industry they are joining.

Although there is a certain amount of classroom lessons that need to be conducted our team will ensure students experience Live scenarios and surveillance tasks in and around central London ensuring that this course is the most realistic and diverse course on the market.

Some of the Course Contents:

- Law and Legislation 

- Roles and Responsibilities of a CPO

- Threat and Risk Assessment 

- Incident Management 

- Venue Security operations 

- Reconnaissance (Theory and Practical)

- CPO Protocol and Etiquette 

- Operational Planning

- Route Selection 

- Foot Formations 

- Vehicle Tactics

- Embus / Debus 

- Search Procedures (personal, Vehicle and premises)

- Surveillance (Live scenarios in central London)

London Dates 2021

First Aid Level 3

Sat 30th-Sun 31st Jan 

Sat 3rd-Sun 4th April 

Sat 5th-Sun 6th June 

Sat 31st July-Sun 1st Aug 

Sat 2nd-Sun 3rd Oct 

Sat 4th-Sun 5th Dec

Close Protection Level 3

Mon 1st-Fri 12th Feb 

Mon 5th-Fri 16th April 

Mon 7th- Fri 18th June 

Mon 2nd- Fri 13th Aug 

Mon 4th- Fri 15th Oct 

Mon 6th- Fri 19th Dec 

CP Elite Add Ons

Sat 13th- Sun 14th Feb 

Sat 17th- Sun 18th April 

Sat 19th- Sun 20th June 

Sat 14th- Sun 15th Aug 

Sat 16th- Sun 17th Oct 

Sat 20th- Sun 21st Dec

Sat 16th- Sun 17th Oct 

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